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        Xiangyang Xinyongxinhe Road Facilities Co., Ltd. Is a professional manufacturer of Xiangyang Manhole Cover , Xiangyang Ductile Manhole Cover , Xiangyang Ductile Iron Manhole Cover Factory , Xiangyang

Ductile iron manhole cover production plant products are widely used in municipal, construction, communications, electricity, water supply, gas, chemical and other fields and various types of real estate communities.

定做铸件. Sewer inspection wells. The company can customize castings according to customer requirements .

It is a professional foundry company in Xiangyang City, covering an area of 10,000 square meters. After years of development, we have excellent

,先进的生产工艺,雄厚的技术力量和完善的检测设备。 Production equipment , advanced production technology, strong technical force and perfect testing equipment.     

We adhere to the business philosophy of "refined and strict new, elite fine governance, customer first, integrity-based", in line with the principle of equality and mutual benefit

We sincerely welcome customers from home and abroad to visit us and seek common development.
Xiangyang Xinyongxinhe Road Facilities Co., Ltd. is committed to providing better solutions for manhole cover anti-theft technology.
Good quality control system, manufacturing the world ’s patented manhole cover anti-theft technology that truly prevents theft after the cover is opened and meets road requirements
Products really make our city a city without traps.
I. Anti-theft: One end is a high-quality stainless steel rod that is integrated with the manhole cover. Pass a bar hole at one end of the well ring and weld a stainless steel stopper to make the well
The cover and seat form a movable but non-removable whole, and the manhole cover cannot be stolen after opening. Weight and convenience: same as ordinary manhole cover
One person can lift the manhole cover and easily rotate and place it on the other side of the well seat.
2. The manhole cover cannot be opened without a special wrench: the other end is made of high-quality stainless steel special anti-theft bolt.
To ensure that it will not rust and the manhole cover is easy to open, and there will be no rust blocking and opening. The manhole cover cannot be opened without a special wrench.
The purpose of using stainless steel is not only that it cannot be cut by oxygen cutting, but also that the hydraulic shears also cut stainless steel continuously. At the same time prevent rust.
Third, anti-jump, anti-displacement, anti-noise, anti-slip, arching flood: Another well cover uses three elastic arms and high-quality rubber strips
Cover is protected against tripping, displacement and noise. Stainless steel rod, stainless steel stop and stainless steel stop bar welded at the lower end of the stainless steel anti-theft bolt work together
The self-weight of the well cover prevents the flood arch from going to the manhole cover; the structure design is simple and reasonable, the operation is light, safe and firm, and no maintenance is required.
Work forever and realize real anti-theft. The small squares on the manhole cover panel make the manhole cover non-slip. Also added several hanging anti-fall mesh.
4. High carrying capacity (up to more than 40 tons) and long durability (up to more than 50 years)
5. Compared with other manhole covers: stainless steel rods, stainless steel stoppers and the bearing surface of the manhole cover do not bear pressure vertically, and will not look like hinge manhole covers.
Or the vertical stress of the bolt is easy to be rolled off, causing the manhole cover to be stolen and the bolt to be damaged after the bolt is exposed on the road, causing the manhole cover to be lost.
Hinged manhole covers need to be handled with care. At the same time, the hinged manhole cover was locked, and the lock expert advised: "In the dark and wet full of corrosive gas
Under any circumstances, any kind of lock will rust. "Using a lock to lock the manhole cover against theft is a misunderstanding of invention! And cement manhole covers and composite manhole covers
Short service life (0-5 years), low bearing capacity, due to the light weight of the composite manhole cover, it is easy to be lifted and displaced by water during heavy rain
There are hidden dangers. In the period when the problem of theft of cast iron manhole covers is not well solved, it is only a transitional expedient choice.