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  1. Shock absorption function of Xiangyang composite manhole cover


    Composite manhole covers on the street can be said to be everywhere. When the vehicle passes from above, this product can play a role in damping due to its own design advantages. Even if the load pressure is close to the limit, it only deforms slightly and does not crack. Xiangyang composite manhole cover, wholesale shock absorption function of composite manhole cover

  2. What requirements should be met for earth excavation of resin manhole cover


    Before the construction of the resin manhole cover, the earthwork needs to be excavated, the size of the manhole cover is reserved, and the manhole cover is installed and then covered. The resin manhole cover manufacturer can say that the size and depth of the earthwork excavation determines whether the manhole cover is firm, so it is very important. Wholesale needs to be done in strict accordance with the requirements.

  3. Use of Xiangyang Compound Manhole Cover


    The performance of the composite manhole cover is good, because the composite manhole cover manufacturer has a good plastic composite polyethylene material when used. It can meet the requirements of the manhole cover in terms of strength and plasticity. Which one should be used where? How about it? Let's talk about its purpose.

  4. What the characters on the nodular cast iron manhole cover represent


    We often see a lot of letters and texts on ductile iron manhole covers. These characters not only represent some performance parameters but also convey a message. There are many uses for manufacturers of ductile iron manhole covers.

  5. How to Solve the Stitching Problem of Unconventional Size Tree Mule


    The common tree twigs of tree twig manufacturers are 1 * 1, 1.22 * 1.22, etc. Due to the design of the tree pond and the size of the tree diameter, the tree twig may appear unconventional sizes, which is what we often call the special-shaped tree twig. This kind of tree quilt splicing is not simply cut from the entire board. The tree quilt manufacturers share how to better splicing to reduce material loss?

  6. How to install tree guards correctly?


    How to install tree guards correctly? Customers and friends, do you know? The tree guard manufacturers will explain the wholesale of tree guards for you, I hope it can be helpful to you.

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