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  1. Installation issues must not be ignored in the use of ductile iron manhole covers


    Ductile iron manhole covers are a very common product in our lives, and have been fully integrated into our lives. No matter whether we are walking or driving, we have seen Yicheng nodular cast iron manhole covers, but there are many installations in our lives that are not The ductile iron manhole covers in place also pose a certain safety hazard to our daily lives, and also cause many accidents. Therefore, Yicheng ductile iron manhole cover manufacturers said that we must not ignore the installation problems when using nodular cast iron manhole covers. .

  2. Ductile iron manhole covers are prone to incompatibilities around the shaft during construction


    Ductile iron manhole covers are prone to incompatibilities around the wellbore during construction. Generally, municipal roads are built with inspection wells to a certain height, and then the subgrade is filled. This situation causes large machinery to compact the surroundings of the wellbore and has to The use of a small tamping machine for manual tamping will inevitably form a compaction dead angle around the shaft. In theory, this tamping method is feasible, but the actual tamping result is often unsatisfactory due to the large human randomness.

  3. Correct installation of manhole covers can reduce problems during later use


    There are manhole streets and alleys, and the usage is quite common. Many cast iron manhole covers also have such problems for a period of time after installation. In fact, most of them are installation problems, that is, installation is very important. Below Suizhou manhole cover, Suizhou manhole cover manufacturers will tell you about the problems that need to pay attention to when installing the manhole cover.

  4. Cast iron manhole covers need to be dimensionally accurate and secure


    In order to ensure the normal use of Xiangyang cast iron manhole covers, we need to pay attention to the installation quality, to achieve accurate dimensions, firm installation, easy opening, and clean appearance. According to the technical guidelines for examining cast iron manhole covers, the following installation rules are specially formulated. Find it out.

  5. Improved manhole cover materials can reduce noise


    The improvement of manhole cover materials can reduce the generation of noise. In life, there may be noise when the manhole cover is used. Why is this? Xiangyang manhole cover, Xiangyang manhole cover wholesale, Xiangyang manhole cover manufacturers will come to explain in detail.

  6. Ductile iron manhole cover sinks in addition to manufacturer reasons


    The application of nodular cast iron manhole covers has played a very important role in the municipal construction of our city. The appearance of many different types of nodular cast iron manhole covers has provided great convenience for our lives. However, after applying for a period of time, Xiangyang ductile iron manhole cover will have a problem, that is, the sinking problem in use. According to this problem, our Xiangyang nodular cast iron manhole cover manufacturer will introduce it to you in detail.