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Tree guards
Tree guard
The scientific name of tree guard is called tree pond cover. Depending on the local dialect, there are also called Shuweizi, Shuzizi, Shuchizizi and so on. The main body is connected by two or four boards, which are widely used in the sheltering of green trees in parks, street green belts and various places. There are rainwater seepage holes on the cover surface, which can keep the roots of the trees loose and absorb the water And other nutrients to protect trees from soil and water loss.

The high-quality tree protection board can reserve larger or smaller tree holes according to the characteristics of tree growth. At the same time, it can leave floor lamp holes. It is easy to install and use the floor lamp to light up, creating beautiful and gorgeous scenery at night.
The installation of tree guards in the tree pond can protect the roots of trees, reduce water evaporation, reduce soil erosion, and promote tree growth. The use of tree guards can make the tree pit (tree pond) parallel to the sidewalk, reduce the risk of unsafe stumbling when passers-by walk, and improve the cultural quality of the city and beautify the city environment.
There are several types of tree guards: cast iron, glass steel (resin composite materials) and others are common on the market.
Advantages and disadvantages of various material tree guards: cast iron tree guards are easy to rust and easy to be stolen by criminals; resin tree guards are lighter, easy to construct, easy to design, and can meet different customer needs.
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