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Tree protector

The equipment method for protecting tree rafters is to have an air barrier separated by cushions between the tree protection rafters and the ground. It is good for tree growth,

Convenient for artificial irrigation and saving water resources. The invention of tree-protecting mules improves the labor efficiency of artificial irrigation and reduces workers'
Labor intensity not only saves time and effort, reduces tree maintenance costs (costs can be reduced by more than 2 times), but also overcomes
The problems caused by soil, such as city appearance and environmental pollution, have higher economic and social benefits.
Equipment for protecting trees in tree pits can protect the roots of trees, reduce water evaporation, and reduce soil erosion. Can be used after using tree guards
Make the tree pit parallel to the sidewalk ground, eliminate the risk of unsafe tripping while walking, and improve the level of urban civilization and beautification
city environment.
Tree protector protects trees during urban greening. Its main role is to stabilize the foundation of the tree

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