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Township sewage manhole cover

Manhole covers are closures at the top of entrances and exits to underground facilities. Manhole covers need to be installed wherever utilities such as tap water, fire protection, and sanitation are installed. There are many types of manhole covers, which are used for various professional purposes, such as sewage, fire protection, rainwater, sewage, communication, etc. Different wells must be distinguished by different manhole covers. 襄阳乡镇污水井盖批发 襄阳乡镇污水井盖厂家 分享不同井盖的区别 Xiangyang township sewage manhole covers , Xiangyang township sewage manhole covers wholesale , Xiangyang township sewage manhole cover manufacturers share the differences between different manhole covers .

Common municipal rain and sewage manhole covers are round, divided into two types of heavy and light, with composite materials, cast iron and so on. Heavy vehicles can pass, light ones cannot pass. The other manhole covers are generally gray cast iron with poor hardness. However, manhole covers used on highways now require ductile iron. Municipal manhole covers are mainly drainage systems, which can enter the sewer after opening; power manhole covers are electrical systems, and when opened, they enter the underground pipes where cables are placed.



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