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Ductile Iron Water Duster

由扁钢及扭绞方钢或扁钢和扁钢焊接而成。 Ductile iron water rafters are welded from flat steel and twisted square steel or flat steel and flat steel. With beautiful appearance, best drainage, high strength, and regulation

More grids and lower costs

Size selection standard
(1) The direction of flat steel is the direction of load bearing (support), and the length L of flat steel is determined according to the width of the trench (well).
(2) Typesetting according to the groove length, take a standard board with a width of 995mm, and leave a gap of 5mm between the boards.
(3) The length of the trench (well) less than 1 meter depends on the modulus.
(4) Select the steel grid plate type according to the width of the trench (well) and the load requirements.
(5) It is recommended to choose standard sizes for design and construction. Our company can design and produce various sizes or other functions according to user requirements.
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