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Ductile iron manhole cover
Ductile iron invisible manhole cover, hence its name, can hide its own manhole cover, and integrate the manhole cover and the surrounding environment into one, so as to achieve the purpose of not destroying the original decoration style, and the invisible manhole cover can be inlaid with different environments. Or marble slabs or green grass, etc., in short, ever-changing and beautiful.

Main features of stainless steel invisible manhole cover :
The invisible manhole cover can conceal the manhole cover under the road surface, and paving a road brick on it can make the environment beautiful and prevent the manhole cover from being stolen.
In order to achieve the purpose of the present utility model, the technical solution adopted is: an invisible well cover with a well ring and a well cover, characterized in that the well cover is a recessed tank box, and the bottom of the tank box is overlapped with the inner edge of the well ring The bottom of the hollowed out tank is provided with supporting ribs that cross each other, and the top edge of the tank is oppositely provided with a lifting hole. The top edge of the tank is provided with 1-4 marking angles. The shape of the manhole cover is square, rectangular or circular.
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